Our Story

On the way to having my second child, I discovered cloth diapering. I quickly became obsessed with this environmentally savvy option but was disappointed at the dull prints and plain styles that the market has to offer. As a former fashion designer, I started making my own cloth diapers and they were surprisingly loved by many moms around me. One day, I became determined to create a sustainable solution with an enjoyable experience that could bring love and joy to every parenthood.

Urban Dearest was born, with the mission to create a modern parenting solution that is natural and eco-friendly, and remain stylish and adorable at the same time.

We developed a new cloth diapering system that is easy to use and effortless to maintain. It wears as a modern diaper and washes like any other laundry. You can simply launder the diaper with your washer and dryer.  Or, if you prefer, you can line dry the diaper under the sun.

Because we are fancy, we make our diapers fancy! Since your baby is already wearing a layer of diaper cover, why not wear it as a part of the outfit?

Happy cloth diapering!