Organic Cotton/Hemp Doublers (Pack of 2)


Organic Cotton/Hemp Doublers (Pack of 2)


Organic Hemp Cotton Blend Soaker/Insert/Doubler (pk of 2)

3 layers of absorbent natural hemp/certified organic cotton. Hemp naturally provides antibacterial properties and extraordinary absorbency that can hold more than 3 times its weight in liquid. This keeps your baby's skin away from wetness and therefore diaper rash. It fits all types of diaper available on the market including waterproof covers, all-in-one, pockets, hybrids, prefolds, or fitted diapers. 



- Fits 5 to 20 lbs.
- Antibacterial hemp/cotton fleece.
- GOTS certified organic cotton.
- Narrow Width for maximum comfort.
- Gentle on sensitive skin. 
- Compatible with every diaper brand on the market.

Care Instructions

To allow maximum absorbency:
- Wash in hot water with detergent for 3 times
- Dry them each time after wash

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